In ArtShops group we create unique design products since 2007 and on global scale since 2014.
Our style is a mix of fine arts and modern design.
sculpture and color – these are the two most characteristic features of our work. Our projects are amazing experiments with various textures, searching for new color combinations. We are playing with texture.

All of these factors are the key to personal growth and overall success.
Hundreds of subscribers on social networks, hundreds of positive reviews from our customers, and the sparkle in the eyes of our customers — tell us about the correct choice of the path that we are moving on.

Time passed and we grew every day with every new decoration design. Finally one day, Art&texture has grown to the point where owner Sylwia Zakrocka was no longer able to cover the full range of create responsibilities. She needed a team of professionals who shared her views and values. In fact, she wanted to see people, who could also put their soul into each product and work with maximum efficiency. After all, only in this way, you can approach professional excellence. Thus, she managed to find the first assistant, manager, and artist designers.

We have achieved success not only thanks to the professionalism because there are many excellent craftsmen in the world, who continue to remain in the shadows. At the moment, we are united by something more than just professional relationships — we have become one family… A family in which there is always and will be mutual support and understanding.

Each piece of work is made by us independently from the very beginning to the end. This approach allows us to control the manufacturing process. The art studio is our second home in which we not only work but also relax, receiving inspiration.

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